Our People Philosophy

We believe what can help us to achieve sustainable competitive advantage is our people!

At eeCheck, there is never too many people as we believe that the true talent always find their ways to contribute and lead the organization to success. With this concept in mind, we never stop hiring but spend the time to identify the ones who share the same vision and have the potential and commitment to grow together with us.

Additionally, we take a long-term partnership approach in which we train, develop and coach every talent to ensure they build a successful career with us.

A Journey to Make the HR World a Better Place

Every organization should be clear of their own existence. Revenue and profits are the by-products and should not be the intent of any organization.

At eeCheck, from the first day it exists, it is clear that everyone joining the organization is taking on a challenging yet meaningful journey to Make the HR World a Better Place. If you share the same vision and feel that the HR world is not enough and would like to contribute to making it better, we welcome you to join our team.

Interested to build up your career at eeCheck?

Submit your resume to us at hr@eecheck.com now.

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Talent Capabilities

We are actively looking for talent who possess the following capabilities:

  • Enjoy taking on new challenges and able to work effectively under pressure
  • Client centric in which you are willing to see and solve problems in client’s viewpoint
  • Take ownership of the work assigned and deliver at a standard exceeding the current mark
  • Be nimble and flexible in assisting others and take on different roles in the team
  • Willing to take a long-term partnership approach with us to contribute to the organization’s growth
  • Possess a vision to contribute and change the HR world together
If you believe that you are the talent we are looking for, connect with us now to contribute and change the HR world together!