Technology as an Enabler

The strategic agenda for eeCheck to utilize the latest technology as an enabler to provide the most value for our clients is always very clear:

  • Continuously innovate and improve the best client and candidate experience in our online platform.
  • Comply with global compliance needs and highest security and privacy requirements.
  • Improve the effectiveness and service standard of all workflows as well as the overall service turnaround time.
  • Customize to fit with each client’s unique hiring process.

Highest Ethical and Privacy Compliance Standard

Throughout the years of working with global organizations and assisting them to satisfy their licensing and local compliance requirements, our infrastructure has been developed to ensure that we are operating at the highest compliance and security standard.

Responsive and Timely Responses

We are known to be an organization that put service turnaround time as one of our top priorities. We also want to assure that clients are always being kept informed about the latest progress of their background check requests. With our user-friendly online systems and technologies and professional team, we are always able to provide responsive and timely reports that assist clients to achieve “better hiring”.