Executive Background Check in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Asia.

Executive Background Check

Executive Background Check
Executive Background Check
Having screened thousands of candidates for our clients and taken valuable feedback, we have learnt the core challenges and keys to success in conducting background check for senior executive hires. As senior executives often have more extensive and diverse background and worked across different regions, the complexity in the screening process could often harm the executive’s candidate’s experience if not being taken care of probably.

At eeCheck, our enhanced executive background check programs are being specifically taken care by our designated Senior Partner team. With a key goal in mind to provide the best candidate experience, internally, we have strict measurement, requirements and ongoing assessment to continuously ensure that our Senior Partners are delivering at the highest service standard.

Below is a common list of background checks being requested by clients:

  • Academic Verification
  • Bankruptcy Record Check
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Civil Litigation Record Check
  • Directorship Record Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Performance Reference Check
  • Professional Designation Verification

    Different background check items, workflow and service can also be customized for your organization's needs.

  • Tailor and design an enhanced package for your senior executives now.