Client First

The Client First approach is to always place our clients’ needs and compliance requirements as our first priority. We believe that by continuously enhancing our offerings to assist clients to succeed, our organization will grow and evolve in the right direction that lead us to succeed and eventually benefit more organizations in the Asia Pacific region.

This involves proactive learning and listening to clients’ needs, providing customers with responsive and accurate information, and the capability to advise clients with the latest talent acquisition and compliance best practices.


We take a professional approach in the following areas to ensure our service quality is always among the highest quality standard:

  • Protocol, procedures and policies
  • Systems and Technology
  • Compliance and internal control
  • Service turnaround time
  • Talent selection and development


We take a long-term partnership approach to work internally as well as with our clients. We value long-term relationships and would always think win-win to explore the most synergy. We work, respect, learn and assist each other as business partners.

While instant success is always important, because we take a long-term perspective in drafting the best solutions for our clients, we are always able to continuously improve not only the client’s background screening but also the entire talent acquisition process. No matter if it’s related to candidate experience, compliance technology and online support and integration, or workflow customization, we are always able to exceed our clients’ expectations.