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We started our journey with the vision to "make a positive impact in the HR community" via effective employment background check solutions. Our consultants view ourselves as risk managers to help employers in Asia to manage the risk in their hiring decisions.

We are confident in our work thus is eager to promote such best practices to inspire more employers in Asia in adapting the things that we have learnt via working with thousands of leading firms in Asia.

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We offer HR Focused Compliance Solutions.

Having worked with leading firms in Asia including Fortune 500s, government agencies and financial institutions, we understand the needs of employers recruiting talent in Asia.


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10 Key Things about eeCheck

As one of the leading employment background check firms in Asia with global reach for record access, eeCheck is experienced in providing industry standard background check solutions tailored for HR professionals in Asia. Read the below "10 Key Things About eeCheck" to learn more about us while thinking about how to set up your employment screening program.

eeCheck has been assisting thousands of organizations in their hiring decisions via effective employment background check solutions. Our clients include Fortune 500s, government agencies, leading financial institutions and banks as well as locally listed organizations based in Asia.

We are a truly Asia focused employment background check firm with strong local support in Asia and global capability in employment screening. Our team is fully capable in collecting data from the most reliable sources with the fastest turnaround time and constantly updated with the latest local law and regulation changes.

Yes. We have screened candidates from 50+ countries in 2023 and possess a strong global network and access to reliable sources.

eeCheck is listed as one of the global verification vendors by the Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore in which we assist candidates in their qualification verification for work permit in Singapore. We may work directly with the Data Subject or its employer to complete the entire process including verification and clarification of the results with the Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore.

Throughout the years of working with leading financial institutions and banks as well as government agencies, we have advanced our IT security and compliance infrastructure that fulfill the most rigorous requirements globally.

Our client portfolio includes Fortune 500s, government agencies, leading financial institutions and banks as well as locally listed organizations based in Asia. Our solutions have also been customized for organizations across different industries and companies with varying sizes. Speak with our consultants today to learn more about how our team can assist you with solutions offered to similar firms in your industry.

Our leadership team consists of business leaders, consultants, background check experts and human resources professionals from North America, Europe and Asia.

We possess a team with a very diverse background coming from countries across the globe. We treasure such cultural diversity and synergize with our team members to provide the highest quality of work for clients. Every team member has to go through intensive training in background check and data privacy as well as living the eeCheck values to deliver in the eeCheck way!

This can be rooted from the rigorous training programs developed, internal protocols and monitor system in place. Our team also continuously explores new ways to work with the current data sources to improve not only the service turnaround time but also its reliability and accuracy.

We are known for our client oriented approach, customization flexibility, high service level, responsiveness and professionalism. Try us out today and tell us what you think. You may also visit the Client Testimonial page to learn more about this.

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Our team possesses over 20 years experience in global employment screening. By taking a long-term business partnership approach, together we create the highest standards for HR focused background check solutions.

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We are the leading employment background check firm in Asia. We offer HR focused employment screening solutions with global capabilities and local supports.

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