The Singapore Edge: Merging Local Mastery with Global Prowers in Background Checks

Singapore stands tall as an epicenter for business in Asia, and at eeCheck, we’re proud to mirror that prominence in the background check industry. Our roots run deep in Singapore, yet our branches stretch out globally, encompassing a vast array of research and background check capabilities.

The Singapore Advantage:

1. Recognized by Key Institutions:

    • eeCheck is an listed employment screening vendor of the Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore (MOM), specializing in qualification and employment verifications for work permit requisites.
    • Our reputation further extends as a trusted global verification provider for the Early Childhood Development Agency (EDCA).

2. Local Expertise with a Global
Backing:While our Singapore team offers unparalleled local research and client support, they’re reinforced by our global and regional teams that ensure centralized control, seamless communication, and robust global research.

3. Trusted by the Best:
We’re privileged to partner with Singapore’s premier local firms and multinational corporations who’ve chosen Singapore as their Asia HQ. Our client experience in Singapore is unparalleled.
Full Compliance in Singapore: We adhere rigorously to Singapore’s regulations, ensuring total compliance in data privacy and security for both employers based in Singapore and those coming to work in the city-state.

4. Extensive Insights in Singapore:
We delve into various industries, ensuring our clients are adeptly trained and equipped to comply with distinct regulatory mandates. A prime illustration of this is our in-depth understanding of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)’s proposed mandate reference checks scheme. For a comprehensive exploration on this topic, especially tailored for the finance and banking sector, click here to access our whitepaper.

5. Speed and Compliance:
In Singapore, we offer swift turnarounds. Most background checks are completed within 24 to 48 hours. Furthermore, we ensure full adherence to data privacy and security regulations, safeguarding both employers and potential employees.

 Our Global Screening Prowess:

1. Proven Track Record:
Since inception, eeCheck has successfully executed over 1 million global background checks for top global and local firms.

2. Extensive Reach:
With data points spanning 100+ countries, our researchers are equipped to provide comprehensive insights.

3. Comprehensive Research:
Our team actively collaborates with authorities and data sources worldwide, guaranteeing rapid, compliant results.

4. Multilingual Mastery:
Our in-house expertise encompasses 35+ languages, ensuring we’re well-prepared for any global screening task.

5. Upholding Global Standards:
We maintain stringent global standards in data privacy, security, human rights, and related regulations.

6. Technologically Advanced:
Our systems are optimized for managing expansive global employment background check programs, complete with advanced access controls and multiple contact points.

Our Ambitious Horizon:
At eeCheck, our vision is clear: to ascend as Asia’s premier global background check firm. Our stronghold in Asian nations, especially our robust capabilities in Singapore, positions us uniquely in the industry. Melding our regional expertise with our global reach and years of industry experience, we’re poised to deliver an unrivaled background check experience for Talent Acquisition teams, HR departments, and candidates alike.