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Recruiters and HR professionals often face the issues in conducting effective background checks that comply with both their industry standards and data privacy requirements across the globe. While setting up and running an effective background check programs can be easy when led by experienced consultants, starting with the wrong foot on this matter can be very harmful for any organization not only in harming their employment brands but resulting in serious legal issues related to data privacy, discrimination and labor laws.

eeCheck offers our clients with an Asia experience for global employment background checks that fully comply with the needs of different regulators and industries both locally and globally while being designed specifically for employment use.

No matter what type of employment background check programs you are planning to run, eeCheck has the solutions for you. With our Headquarters and offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, we assist clients to design Asia employment background check programs that fit with the needs of organizations in different industries and sizes. No matter if you are planning to run an employment background check for a single office in a country in Asia, one single candidate with work experience across the globe, or a comprehensive Asia background check program, our consultants are experienced in providing you and your team with the solutions that best fit with your needs.

Why eeCheck?

We combine local and global experience in Screening, HR and Compliance

Our team possesses over 20 years of experience in employment background check, Human Resources and compliance from North America, Europe and Asia. eeCheck offers global background check solutions that fit for organizations that have offices and hiring needs in Asia. Our Asia background check programs are currently being run for financial institutions, government agencies and top firms in this region. and hiring needs in Asia.

Full Compliance

Compliance and data security at global industry standard.


Consultative approach to help set up the entire process.

HR Focused

Workflows and solutions designed for HR and Recruitment.


Easy to use and can integrate with different workflows.

Common Services

Asia Background Check Items

No matter if you are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and any other countries in Asia with a job candidate with a global background, we can offer you with the most suitable Asia employment background check experience for you and your candidates. Below lists 10 of the most commonly inquired service items for Asia background check:

As per required by different regulators and industries, bankruptcy record check is often a commonly requested Asia background check services for senior and sensitive roles.

Similar to bankruptcy record check, employers often want to ensure there is no civil litigations that their candidate is involved that could potentially be harmful for the position or not suitable to work for the industry. Thus again, this is another commonly requested service items in Asia background check solutions.

Credit check is often conducted for sensitive roles or highly regulated industries in Asia background check packages.

When conducting criminal record checks as part of the Asia background check solutions, different data sources and methodologies are often being employed for different industries and countries due to data privacy regulations and the legitimate interest. Criminal record check may be conducted via the certificate of no criminal conviction, police record, court record or available public records.

As part of the employment background check packages, CV check is often being conducted to ensure the validity of information to be included for the search scope of the background check.

Directorship record check for Asia is often to search for any matching or potentially adverse records from the local authorities. This is a common service item especially for executive or senior roles in an Asia background check package.

Employment verification is one of the most commonly completed tasks in employment background checks in Asia. Employment verification is being conducted to solve the issues in resume exaggeration and identify any information that may indicate a potential unfit for the job or organization. Employment verification is often being done together with a performance reference check in an Asia background check service package.

ID verification is part of the foundation service item in an Asia background check service package. As many background checks are being conducted based on the job candidate’s identity information, the information revealed in this background check result can be vital for the rest of the others when conducting a thorough background check.

While the Human Resources or record-in-charge holds the official employment record, going directly to the previous supervisors or superior for performance comments can add huge value in assisting organizations to know more about who they are hiring. The information revealed in this background check is often very vital for recruiters or employers to consider together with other information obtained in the recruitment and screening cycle in making their hiring decisions.

Verifying the qualifications of a job candidate has become a norm in Asia background check practices. This can be rooted from the situation of job candidates presenting themselves with fake or unaccredited degrees and credentials from diploma mills and unqualified institutions.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Need More Information Related to the 10 Commonly Requested Background Check Services in Asia?

If you want to know more information additional to the 10 explanations for the commonly requested background check service items in Asia, do continue reading ahead in this section. As an expert of employment background check in Asia, we are always more than happy to share our insights with you!

Yes. It is always a best practice to obtain Data Subject’s consent for employment background check. As background checks often involve complicated data privacy, labor and human right protection related regulations and matters across different countries, it is always important to ensure as an employer we are operating at the industry best practice to avoid any potential issues and best candidate experience.

Yes, for two key reasons:

  1. Background check often requires searches for data involving different countries. For example, the Data Subject was borned in China, worked in the United Kingdom and currently resides in Singapore and is applying for a job in Hong Kong. Even though the employer is based in Hong Kong, the data collection and sources could be located in other countries.
  2. There are data privacy laws and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU that apply across territories.  

Thus, as a summary, it’s important to ensure your background check process is operating at a global compliance level.

It depends on different position roles and industries. Traditionally, due to ease of operation, reference check is a common practice in which employers in Asia do this themselves. For highly regulated industries, criminal record checks if data sources are available in the country plus other regulatory checks are very common. For executive employment screening in Asia, due to the risk level involved, more rigorous and thorough background checks are usually being run in.

Yes. Indeed, some employers do take a hybrid approach in their employment background check practice in which part of the employment screening is completed in-house while others are outsourced. As a recommendation, if budget allows, for the best candidate experience and screening results for your background checks, utilizing a 3rd party background check vendor to take care of the whole process would be a great option.

A single background check item could cost from USD20 to USD200+ depending on the country’s data source and service requirements. Employers in Asia would often include a different set of background check items depending on different position roles in their background check program across Asia.

You will be aiming for a minimum budget of USD150 depending on the country coverage and service scope. As a senior executive often possesses extensive work and professional experience possibly working in different countries, plus employers often would like to have a more extensive scope for the searches due to the risk level involved, executive screening is often among the most expensive yet popular background check for organizations.

Employers in Asia most commonly request a background check at the following times:

  • During final evaluation 
  • Job offer prior to onboarding
  • Right after onboarding

There are different risk factors involved to pursue background checks at different stages of the talent acquisition process. Speak with our consultants today to learn more or read ahead in our blog posts and knowledge center about the pros and cons in this topic.

While employment screening for hiring purposes is a major and most common reason for employers to do background checks, background checks are often being run for existing employees or as an annual re-screening for different reasons such as satisfying certain industries’ regulatory requirements.

Employment background checks are getting more popular these days in Asia. Traditionally, only established organizations have set up the right protocols to manage their hiring risk with effective background checks but now this practice is wide-spread for organizations among different sizes in different industries.

This depends on what background check you are pursuing and the thoroughness of the data collected in the first place. A typical database related background check in Asia takes around 3 to 7 days to complete. For employment and education checks which rely solely on the response of the related parties, the average turnaround time is 7 to 14 business days however this could vary. 

For background checks that require authorities to reply, the required time is specific for each individual country. Generally speaking, employers in Asia often would like to maintain the service turnaround time to be within 14 to 20 business days to match up with their recruitment needs. As there are often multiple data sources available for these checks, decisions are being made to tailor the search scope and methodology to achieve the desired result.  Connect with eeCheck today to find out more on this matter or read ahead in the country specific pages or blog posts in our website.

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