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Common Taiwan Background Check Services?

eeCheck is experienced in running Asia focused background check programs which include country specific checks. Taiwan background check services are often being included as one of the common country offerings in the Greater China region employment screening service solutions. Below lists some of the most common service items that are often included in the Taiwan background check service program:

Why choose eeCheck Taiwan Background Check Solutions

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eeCheck offers premier Taiwan background check solutions that combine compliance, screening and Human Resources expertise to assist employers across Asia for their global screening needs. Our experienced consultants will guide you through and manage the entire Taiwan background check process with industry leading service turnaround time.


Top Questions and Information for Taiwan Background Check

Taiwan Background Check FAQs

Are you ready to conduct a Taiwan background check for your next hire? Read below for a few FAQs employers usually are interested in prior to engaging a third-party employment screening firm to execute their Taiwan background check program.

Background check involves collection of sensitive data. As per our practice, written consent forms are always needed to conduct any Taiwan background check.

Our average service turnaround time for a Taiwan background check is 3 to 10 business days depending on which services you select.

Taiwan reference check usually involves connecting directly with the previous direct supervisors or superiors. The focus is more on performance related information such as job performance, achievements and various job related competencies.

For Taiwan background check solutions, the employee verification service is similar to other Asia countries’ practices.  Employment verification completed with employers in Taiwan usually involves collecting employment related data directly from the HR department or person-in-charge. The data to be collected can range from basic employment history details such as employment period, position title, reasons for leaving to potential adverse data or relevant data for the position role or industry needs.


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