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When conducting criminal record checks as part of the Asia background check solutions, different data sources and methodologies are often being employed for different industries and countries due to data privacy regulations and the legitimate interest. Criminal record check may be conducted via the certificate of no criminal conviction, police record, court record or available public records.

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Common Questions for Global Criminal Record Check

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more information additional to the 6 explanations for the commonly requested Criminal Record Check Service items in Asia, do continue reading ahead in this section. As an expert of employment background check in Asia, we are always more than happy to share our insights with you!

Organizations are conducting criminal record checks via different methodologies in Asia because while some methodologies such as the certificate of no criminal conviction generally provide the most comprehensive data, it generally takes longer, requires involvement of the Data Subject and in some countries is not allowed for local employment purposes and not verifiable. The next best alternative would be police and court records which at times face similar issues. This is when public records would be utilized to fulfill the required compliance requirements.

As each country has its own specific practice being utilized for different industries, do read on in our blog or country specific section of our website to find out more. You may also choose to connect with our consultants at the Asia Headquarters ( or +65 3138 8940) for quick discussion.

Yes. Indeed, for many countries globally, to obtain a copy of certificate of no criminal conviction, it requires the Data Subject to get involved in the process personally. Do note such practices vary across the country. Please connect with the local authorities directly or eeCheck may assist to provide you with the latest information if needed.

As always, eeCheck is ready and willing to assist in different parts of this process as per allowed by the local data privacy laws and regulations and the protocols of the police or authorities in a specific country. Other than countries in Asia, our global network is capable of assisting such services on a global scale.

Data privacy laws and regulations vary across Asia. Indeed, the protocols and procedures have to be considered very carefully when conducting criminal record checks. For example, certificates of no criminal conviction are often not for local employment purposes across many countries.

It varies but generally ranges from 7 years to life-time dataset decided to be disclosed from the local authorities according to their rules.

It depends on the methodologies and countries you are ordering your criminal record check in Asia. As criminal record check is often a vital part of the background check process and the turnaround time from the authorities and sources are known, criminal record check results are often delivered in an earlier time prior to other background checks being completed.

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