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Are you conducting employment reference checks that are able to reveal useful results for your hiring decision? The myth is that a reference check is simply a phone call or email to be sent to the previous employer and however it is not. Employment reference check is a professional process with industry specific requirements that need to be dealt with carefully for both employer branding and legalistic purposes. Work with eeCheck today to learn about the latest best practices for industry standard employment reference check in Asia.


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What's a Reference Check?

Knowledge about Employment Reference Check

When we use the term “employment reference check”, it is often being referred to two sets of different processes. They are “employment verification” and “performance reference check”. For employment verification, it is referred to the process in which we connect with the Human Resources or record-in-charge for an official record verification. Whereas, “performance reference check” or at times people simply refer as “reference check” is the process of connecting with the previous supervisors or superior for performance related comments. While employers are often advised to conduct both ``employment verification” and “performance reference check”, it’s still common for employers to only conduct one of them or they go for a hybrid approach to utilize third party service for one while they conduct the other part internally.

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Common Questions for Employment Reference Check

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more information additional to the 10 explanations for the commonly requested Reference Check Service items in Asia, do continue reading ahead in this section. As an expert of employment background check in Asia, we are always more than happy to share our insights with you!

For reference check, 2 – 4 reference checks depending on the seniority of the position roles, industries involved, risk level and years of experience.

Asia’s Employment verification practice for years of coverage is as below:

  • 5 years for junior role
  • 7 years as an industry practice.
  • 10 years for senior or sensitive roles in certain industries for specific countries.

Evaluate the risk level and legitimate interest of the position and industry while balancing with your budget and time to make this decision.

The average Asia reference check takes 3 to 7 business days at eeCheck. There are various protocols that could potentially speed this up (e.g., thoroughness of data) that our consultants would advise the clients prior to starting the background check program. 

Due to different reasons, background checks are very common with clear regulations and guidelines in North America. You can also anticipate more automation, databases and electronic means being utilized in the entire background check workflow both at the authorities, institutions and employers in North America.

While there are some minor differences in how background checks are being pursued in different parts of the world due to the local data privacy laws and regulations and regional HR practice, employers should always operate at the highest standards globally in background checks. This includes proper consent forms, workflows that protect the candidates’ human rights, processes that ensure a first-class candidate experience and the right data privacy and compliance procedures. Speak with our consultants today to learn more about how eeCheck can help your organization to set up your background check program at the highest standard globally.

The typical data sources for employment verifications in Asia are directly from the organization. The contact persons who provide the data would most often be from Human Resources or the person-in-charge for employment records. 

For eeCheck, our team starts working on the background check cases starting from the first day the case is submitted from clients. The average turnaround time for the employment verification data in Asia is 7 to 14 business days. The number of days for response vary depending on the specific employer’s practices.

For  reference check best practice, it’s recommended that the direct supervisors of previous jobs would be the most ideal. Superiors are also acceptable to conduct such checks. Peers and subordinates are usually not as good except if a 360 reference check is being requested or a situation where no supervisors/superiors are available for such checks.

Employment verification in Asia would include questions to inquire about any factual employment records including employment period and job titles as well as reasons for leaving and relevant  information stored in the employee file.

Unlike employment verification, while factual employment records will be covered, the focus for the reference check would be more related to job performance, previous achievement and working styles that help future employers to gain more understanding of the candidate. Thus, these performance reference checks are recommended and best to be conducted with previous supervisors and superiors who were either working closely with the candidate or evaluating their performance.

Yes. As always, consent form is vital to ensure the proper practice for data privacy and human right protection are in place. Furthermore, many organizations or referees would require a copy of the consent form signed by the Data Subject to release the corresponding employment data. 

Do read other eeCheck articles about how to properly structure the consent forms for the use in Asia. While the consent forms shall comply with the principles mentioned in various data privacy laws such as GDPR which applies across territories, it’s also important to make sure the local practices are in place (e.g., ID number collection not allowed for some countries in Asia).

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