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Global Verification Agency for Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore

MOM Verification

eeCheck is an experienced global verification agency that assists employers and Data Subjects to verify their credential proofs for their work permit application for the Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore.

As per required by Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore (MOM), the qualification verification proof service for Employment Pass may include the followings depending on the credential and institution submitted:

  1. Qualification Verification
  2. Accreditation Verification of the Institution
  3. Qualification Equivalency Verification
  4. Proof Verification with Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore (MOM)

As per required for Overseas & Network Expertise (ONE) Pass, employment verification proof is needed from one of the listed background screening companies on the website of Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore (MOM). 

eeCheck may assist employers and candidates to conduct such service with our experienced consultants.

Depending on the country and service scope, the service fee starts from SGD95.

3 Steps Procedure

While the entire process will be handled online, submit an inquiry now and you will be assigned with an experienced consultant to guide you or your candidate through the entire process

  1. Submit an online inquiry at the online inquiry below on this page or email to or call us at +65 3138 8940
  2. Online consent forms and document submission
  3. Online payment

Our consultant will guide you through the process and if needed assist you to liaise with the institution for any additional documentations that may be needed and keep you updated!

Our MOM verification service is known to be:

  1. Thorough and Professional: Our verification service is known to be at the highest industry quality.
  2. Full Service: Submit the request to us and we take it from there! We will guide you through at the beginning and all the way!
  3. Updated: Our team will keep you informed and you can reach out to your Account Manager anytime as well.
  4. Speed and Transparency: We aim to provide speedy services while be transparent as to the current progress and if needed inform clients early for any additional documents and actions needed for the potentially fastest result.
  5. Experienced: Our team is experienced in global verification for MOM.

Service turnaround time depends on the institution and country requested for the verification. This can range from 3 to 20 business days. Connect with our consultant today for the estimated turnaround time for your specific credential verification for MOM prior to doing business with us!

Employment Pass Applications

MOM Verification Service Updates for Employment Pass (EP) Applications

As stated on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website, a new requirement for verification proof will be implemented for all post-secondary diplomas and above qualifications declared in Employment Pass (EP) applications. This new requirement will take effect for new EP applications from 1 September 2023 and for renewals from 1 September 2024. It is mandatory to provide verification proof if the qualification is declared in the EP application, and this is necessary for employers who need points from these qualifications to pass COMPASS. Please note that if the qualification is not required for points, employers are not obligated to declare them.

As one of the listed background screening companies, eeCheck is fully equipped and trained to assist for the verification process. Please refer to the MOM website for more details or the latest news and changes which are/will be released by the authority.

6 Best Practices for Effective MOM Verification for Qualification and Employment Proof

Integrate the MOM verification with the existing employment screening process by creating an integrated process for consent forms and data collection from candidates for both general employment background checks and MOM verification.

Establish an integrated reporting channel and access for both the background check and MOM reports for the employer and its HR, Compliance and other related departments.

Ensure your HR team is fully prepared to collect the necessary information and documents from the data subject (such as degree certificates and mark sheets from India) to avoid potential delays in the data gathering process and any back-and-forth communication with eeCheck. Do go ahead and request a list of potential documents needed for the verification service when working with us.

Develop internal protocols and policies for data privacy, release, and protection to maintain the confidentiality of the data subject’s personal information.

Take a transparent and hand-in-hand approach with the data subject by providing progress updates and requesting additional information from the institution when necessary.

Starting the verification process as soon as possible can help avoid potential delays (such as time for the data subject to gather the required information) even though eeCheck endeavors to ensure the fastest turnaround time.

MOM Verification FAQ

As an expert of employment background check in Asia, we are always more than happy to share our insights with you!

To verify credentials in India, a mark sheet will be needed in addition to the general information collected for checks in other countries.

MOM has a list of academic institutions that are approved in which no further accreditation is needed.

MOM would require your credential to be issued by an accredited institution. eeCheck is experienced in providing such service.

Via the list of accredited institutions published by authorities and reputable accreditation agencies, an institution’s accreditation information is cross-checked accordingly.

Yes. Please be prepared to collect or provide the necessary authorization for eeCheck to gather the required documents to complete the verification.

Having the credentials verified prior to the application would be the most ideal way to approach this. Do take into account the time required to verify the credential in which turnaround time varies across different countries. Speak with an eeCheck representative today for the corresponding information.

  • New EP application – September 1, 2023
  • EP renewal application – September 1, 2024

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