Our vision

Change the HR World
Make It a Better Place

Rooted from the first day our firm was founded, the founding team was clear about what we want to do and the rationale for the existence of eeCheck. We want to utilize the best talent, tools and technologies to provide first-class services for HR professionals in Asia. We believe our contribution will make a positive impact to the HR community. By joining hands with our clients and learning best practices from employers across Asia, we believe our Asia-focused employment screening solutions will make the HR world a better place!

Our Mission

Minimize the Risk
in every hiring decisions

To achieve our vision to "change the HR world and make it a better place", we decided to do this by developing screening solutions that help employers across Asia to minimize the risk in their hiring decisions.

At eeCheck, every team member views ourselves as a risk manager. No matter how small such task might appear, we are committed to do a good job at it as we know that every action we take and all the work that we are doing are helping our clients to safeguard their organizations.
hiring decisions

Our Approach

Client-Centric Professional Business Partnership

We view ourselves as a long-term business partner with our clients. With such service approach, we view ourselves as trusted advisors to provide solutions and advices that are in the best interest of our clients and not only focused on short-term gain. We listen to our clients’ needs and spend the time to know about their industry and organization’s long-term strategic goals. At the same time, we invest into processes, tools and protocols that will help ourselves in the long-run.

With the term “Client-Centric“, this basically means that every thing we do, client’s needs are the key focus. We listen, learn and bounce off ideas and new protocols from clients. That’s how eeCheck has grown to where we are today!

By “Professional“, we refer to professional protocols and taking a systematic approach in our doing our work everyday. This indeed has built up a very strong foundation for a fast-growing firm like eeCheck in which we believe every firm should do if they want to excel and be an industry leader.

Our Values

The Core Values that Guide Our Team Everyday

At eeCheck, we operate with "value-based leadership" in which every talent in our firm not only has to be familiar but to live in our 9 corporate values that basically guide and govern their behaviors and decisions everyday.

Only by thinking professionally and living such values could we guide our actions everyday as a professional consultant. We want to maintain that professionalism in everything that we do, no matter if it’s related to providing professional advice for clients, conducting database searches or doing an employment reference check.

As a professional employment background check service provider, we are not selling a product but services that are conducted by our talent. We want to create an experience for our clients that align with our vision, mission and values so that they can feel what it means to do things in the eeCheck way! The same concept applies to every stakeholder and people who interact with eeCheck, such as the referees, vendors and candidates. By creating a first-class experience that let people love working with eeCheck, we can become the true leading background check firm in Asia.

Aim for the highest quality level in what we do everyday. Be truly capable in completing the tasks assigned and understand the knowledge and rationale behind. Question, challenge and review our existing workflow and processes and validate such thoughts with clients to see if such changes could potentially add values to them.

Act as a trusted advisor for clients with solid background check related knowledge and experience.  At the same time, possess the communication skills necessary to provide professional advice for clients.  At eeCheck, understanding client needs and fulfilling their requirements is one thing. To us, it’s indeed more important to provide professional advice that guide our clients to take the most appropriate actions for their long-term goals.

Stay agile to change and possess the nimbleness to excel when needed. This applies for both management decisions and daily actions for clients.

Stay proactive to explore different options that yield the best results.

Own the tasks and act as an owner for every project assigned. Spend time to understand client needs. Feel the importance and urgency of the clients and own every background check case!

Everything we do is to achieve our vision to “change the HR world with a positive impact”. Spend the time to understand why we are doing what we are doing for clients.

Be ethical and take a transparent approach both internally and externally with clients. We believe this is the best way to build trust among the team and clients.

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Our team possesses over 20 years experience in global employment screening. By taking a long-term business partnership approach, together we create the highest standards for HR focused background check solutions.

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