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Having screened thousands of candidates for our clients and taken valuable feedback, we have learnt the core challenges and keys to success in conducting background checks for senior executive hires. As senior executives often have more extensive and diverse backgrounds and worked across different regions, the complexity in the screening process could often harm the executive’s candidate’s experience if not being taken care of properly. At eeCheck, our enhanced executive background check programs are being specifically taken care of by designated senior consultants of our team. With a key goal in mind to provide the best candidate experience, internally, we have strict measurement, requirements and ongoing assessment to continuously ensure that our Senior Partners are delivering at the highest service standard.

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We possess proven track records to provide the best experience in account and candidate management for global leading firms. We are confident that every candidate going through our executive screening program will be taken good care of by senior consultants who are professional, responsive and capable in handling complicated background check related issues.

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Compliance and data security at global industry standard.


Consultative approach to help set up the entire process.

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Workflows and solutions designed for HR and Recruitment.


Easy to use and can integrate with different workflows.

What are the top 10 background checks included in an executive screening program in Asia?

Please see below for a common list of background check items to be included in an executive screening program in Asia.

Search for adverse record in different media sources.

As per required by different regulators and industries, bankruptcy record check is often a commonly requested Asia background check services for senior and sensitive roles.

Similar to bankruptcy record check, employers often want to ensure there is no civil litigations that their candidate is involved that could potentially be harmful for the position or not suitable to work for the industry. Thus again, this is another commonly requested service items in Asia background check solutions.

Credit check is often conducted for sensitive roles or highly regulated industries in Asia background check packages.

Directorship record check for Asia is often to search for any matching or potentially adverse records from the local authorities. This is a common service item especially for executive or senior roles in an Asia background check package.


As part of the employment background check packages, CV check is often being conducted to ensure the validity of information to be included for the search scope of the background check.

As per required by different regulators and industries, bankruptcy record check is often a commonly requested Asia background check services for senior and sensitive roles.

Passport Verification verification is part of the foundation service item in an Asia background check service package. As many background checks are being conducted based on the job candidate’s identity information, the information revealed in this background check result can be vital for the rest of the others when conducting a thorough background check.

While the Human Resources or record-in-charge holds the official employment record, going directly to the previous supervisors or superior for performance comments can add huge value in assisting organizations to know more about who they are hiring. The information revealed in this background check is often very vital for recruiters or employers to consider together with other information obtained in the recruitment and screening cycle in making their hiring decisions.

Verifying the qualifications of a job candidate has become a norm in Asia background check practices. This can be rooted from the situation of job candidates presenting themselves with fake or unaccredited degrees and credentials from diploma mills and unqualified institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Different background check items, workflow and service can also be customized for your organization's needs. As a general industry practice, it is recommended to process background checks with a minimum of 7 years coverage (depending on the country and industry) for any countries where the Data Subject has worked or resided for more than 3 months. 

If you want to know more information additional to the 5 explanations for the commonly requested Executive Screening service items in Asia, do continue reading ahead in this section. As an expert of employment background check in Asia, we are always more than happy to share our insights with you!

7 years is the norm and based on legitimate interest and specific industry requirements for certain industries, 10 years background checks for employment records might be covered.

Yes, despite any specific background checks that require in-person visit of the candidate which is not a common case for majority of background checks or there are alternate methodologies or sources that can be processed. At the end of the day, making the process easy and friendly is a key goal when working with a senior executive to go through the background check process.

Yes. While it may seem that it needs time and effort for your senior executive to do this, candidates do always appreciate such a transparent and legit process that protects their human rights and privacy.

First of all, make sure you explain clearly and point out all the things and documents required from your candidate. Try to collect these documents and information once and for all. Secondly, minimize the number of contact points and contacts to work with your candidate to avoid any confusion. Finally, be knowledgeable and act as a trusted advisor to guide your candidate to go through the background check process smoothly.

Speak with eeCheck now to learn more about how organizations can work closely with a third-party background check vendor like eeCheck to improve the candidate experience for your next executive hire in Asia.

It’s the number one priority to create a first-class candidate experience so collecting all necessary information once and for all at the beginning of the process is very important. However, as the background check process can be complicated and previous employers or education institutions or authorities do sometimes require additional documents or information to complete the search, there are still chances that additional information is needed. In these situations, at eeCheck, we take a candidate and client focused approach in which the best preferred approach is set in the first place and client may be advised for specific circumstances to ensure the candidate is taken good care of or the easiest option is taken to collect these information.

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