What makes the eeCheck team different and drive ourselves toward our mission and vision is our strong value systems. We know that it is also because of our unique compelling value systems, we have grown at an extraordinary rate and attracted top talents who are constantly growing to create the most values for our clients.

Throughout the past years, these strong values have evolved with the contribution from different partners and clients. To synergize our learning throughout the years, we have taken an initiative to gather inputs from every partner in our organization to systematically formalize our value systems and draft a format statement for each value. The result is our unique eeCheck DNA which govern how we work and assist our clients everyday:

More Details about the eeCheck DNA:

  • Agile and Nimble: Service at a fast, responsive and flexible manner.
  • Ethical: Work and lead at the highest ethical standards.
  • Exceed and Beyond: Exceed expectations at all times.
  • Experience: We believe that we not only deliver excellent service but extraordinary experience for all stakeholders.
  • Professional and Proactive: Evaluate all options with a professional and proactive manner.
  • Sense of Ownership: Take ownership on the work at all times.