8 Keys to Success for Performance Reference Check

While many recruiters have been conducting performance reference check, only few are able to fully utilize the results for better hiring decisions. Indeed, some would even fall into the trap of getting into potential legal issues with job candidates and their previous employers and referees.

After working in the industry for many years, below includes a list of keys to success prior to including performance reference check to your employment screening program:

  • Ensure there is clear, explicit and written consent and authorization from the job candidate for the reference check.
  • Make sure the questions covered in the performance reference check is permitted by the local privacy laws.
  • Different questions should be tailored for different roles and industries.
  • Ensure the years of coverage for the employment is allowed by the local privacy laws.
  • Mirror the questions in the performance reference check with clients’ interview questions.
  • Have a procedure and protocol in place for data access, correction and deletion.
  • Only use the performance reference check result as one of the considerable factors for the hiring decisions.
  • Work closely with job candidate for better information resulting in faster completion time.

As always, effective employment screening program would make significant positive contribution for your hiring decisions. Connect with the eeCheck consultants today to learn more about how performance reference check could assist you to achieve “Better Hiring – Better hiring process and decisions”.