Candidate’s Role in Facilitating the Background Check Process

This is often a myth that the background check process is solely the responsibility of the employment screening firm. Indeed, this is right and not right. As a trust advisor, our consultants would often take a leading role to ensure all stakeholders are taking part and contributing to a successful background check. However, such stakeholder including the HR department and the candidate would need to be ready for the background check.Below is a brief checklist for candidates:

  • Up-to-date referee contact information.
  • Referees informed for eeCheck and the background check that will take place.
  • Completed consent and authorization documents with clear dates and details.
  • Education certificate or license number for specific institutions and authorities.
  • Identity documents and number.
  • Address proof for some specific background checks.
  • Employment letter or proof for some circumstances.
  • List of previously used names.
  • Candidate’s personal contact information that can be reached in a timely basis.

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