Is Obtaining a Copy of Education Certificate Enough?

It has been a norm and general practice for HR department to request a copy of the candidate’s university graduation certificate as a proof for their qualification and keep that in the candidate’s personal file. Indeed, have we ever wondered how many fake certificates are there in our company’s personnel file?

This is an interesting question. According to our experience, there are quite a few different versions of fake certificates, such as the below situations:

  • The candidate has ordered a fake undergraduate degree certificate for a reputable university from these so-called “diploma replacement companies”. These certificates look very authentic and often have the watermark, signature and everything on there.
  • The candidate has ordered an undergraduate degree certificate for a fake university from degree mills. As these universities are fake, these degree mills often would provide an additional service to verify the fake degree for an annual fee.
  • The candidate has obtained a 2-years professional diploma from University A and deliberately changed the information to a 4-years undergraduate degree program.
  • The candidate took a degree certificate from a friend and changed the personal information on there.

Instead of taking the risk of storing these fake certificates, let’s connect with the eeCheck team today to implement the industry proven protocols to effectively take care of the education qualification verification process today.