Background Check FAQ: Consent Forms for Background Check

One of the questions often being asked is whether it is necessary for candidates or existing employees to sign the consent/authorization forms for background check? To satisfy different privacy law requirements, signing the consent/authorization forms would not only protect the candidate but also the prospective employer and all stakeholders involved in the background check process. Some countries’ privacy laws indeed also have very strict requirements as to what information needs to be included and what can’t be done for the consent and authorization forms.

In general, the consent and authorization form would also need to be carefully reviewed to ensure it is simple enough and at the same time able to explain the privacy rights and obligations for the candidate/employee in compliance with all the global and local laws and regulations. Some of the background check items (e.g., criminal record check, credit check) would also often require having a separate form to be signed.

Furthermore, HR departments or the hiring managers should also provide a clear explanation and answer any question the candidate might have regarding both the background check process and the corresponding consent and authorization forms to avoid any potential issues.

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