How Much is a Typical Background Check?

The reason why I have decided to write this article is because this is a question that always come up in different networking events. And, the answer is as typical as expected: it depends. Yet, a background check could range from under one hundred to more than a thousand US dollars depending on your needs and the candidate’s background. Below are three employees which possess very different background and background check requirements:

  1. An entry-level frontline officer in which a bankruptcy record check is sufficient to satisfy the compliance requirement.
  2. A technical manager who has worked in Singapore and United States in which 4 background check service items are required for both countries.
  3. Experienced CEO worked and lived in 6 countries globally and need 8 background check service items per country.

Thus, it is definitely a myth for many small and medium enterprises to think that background check is an expensive exercise only designed for the established organizations. It is also not true that background check should only be applicable for senior executives. Indeed, the background check result adds values to the decision of every hire which in turn minimize any potential risk impact from the wrong hires and lower employee turnover. Connect with the eeCheck consultants in our Singapore, Hong Kong or China offices today to understand how we can help you to design a background check program that maximize the return on investment for every hire while meeting your budget needs.