Employment Screening’s Role in Employer Branding

The talent war has always been there and nowadays it has been raising to a whole new level when organizations around the world have been investing heavily to improve their candidate experience. Employer branding has also become more important than ever when it comes to the candidate’s decision to join your firm.Now, there is one question in mind, how does employment screening fits in this process? According to our experience in working with new clients, employment screening is often seen as a tedious and lengthy process that creates trouble for the candidate and delays their on-boarding dates.After discussing with different recruiters, we at eeCheck has realized that we will need to take a completely different approach to ensure employment screening would not harm the candidate experience and at the same time add values and contribute to create better employer branding. Below is a list of some of the key points:

  • Understand, Integrate and Streamline the Process: Understand and integrate with the organization’s current talent acquisition process to improve the overall efficiency. In this process, we want to streamline the workflow to ensure we provide service at the fastest available turnaround time.
  • Employment Screening Positioning: Position employment screening as a value-added process to select the best candidates and improve the onboarding process. The job to be done here really is to let candidate understands the importance of employment screening and how it can create a better workplace.
  • Set Clear Expectations: As a trusted advisor, eeCheck consultants always provide guidance for recruiters to provide clear instructions and set expectations for the background check process for the candidates.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Both the recruiter and eeCheck consultants would work and communicate with each other closely at all times. At eeCheck, we view ourselves as an extended arm of our clients in which we represent the brand of our client every time we communicate with candidates, referees or any other stakeholders in the background check process.

I hope the above 4 key insights could inspire and add values to how your team may utilize background screening to add values to your employer brand today!