Agility in Employment Screening

In the last article, we explained how nimbleness contributes to a fast and successful background check. This time, we will further explain how Agility (an eeCheck DNA) contributes to the success of the entire employment screening process.

Prior to founding eeCheck, we always ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Why are these background check process so rigid and slow?
  • Can the background check consultants be more flexible in the way they do things?
  • Can the background check vendors’ workflows be changed to adapt to ours?

This is how we started eeCheck with a vision to change the HR world and make it a better place. And, agility is in the backbone of our game.
Thus, once you started working with eeCheck, you will see agility everywhere in the service, such as the followings:

  •  eeCheck consultants spending time to understand your needs and workflow and give suggestions to improve the entire screening process.
  • eeCheck’s online systems keep improving and tailored to your needs.
  • eeCheck consultants handle candidates with flexibility, yet within agreed and proven procedures and protocols.
  • eeCheck consultants provide you with best practices learnt from other clients.

To provide background check service that truly fit with HR needs, stay agile and flexible is definitely an important factor. Connect our Singapore, Hong Kong and China offices today to explore how we can assist your recruitment team in Asia in their employment screening process.