Are you ready for the new MOM Verification Requirements for Employment Pass Applications?

Ensure a seamless process by integrating it with your existing employment screening process and following these 6 best practices:

  1. Ensure a smooth process by integrating it with your existing employment screening process, and create an integrated process for consent forms and data collection from candidates for both general employment background checks and MOM verification.
  2. Save time and streamline the verification process. Establish an integrated reporting channel and access for both the background check and MOM reports for your employer and its HR, Compliance, and other related departments.
  3. Avoid potential delays and ensure a smooth data gathering process. Make sure your HR team is fully prepared to collect the necessary information and documents from the data subject. Request a list of potential documents needed for the verification service when working with us at eeCheck.
  4. Protect your employees’ personal information. Develop internal protocols and policies for data privacy, release, and protection. We take data privacy seriously at eeCheck and will work with you to ensure the confidentiality of the data subject’s personal information.
  5. Keep the data subject informed. Take a transparent and hand-in-hand approach by providing progress updates and requesting additional information from the institution when necessary. Communication is key for a smooth verification process.
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute to start the verification process as soon as possible to avoid potential delays, even though eeCheck endeavors to ensure the fastest turnaround time. Get a head start and ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.

Check out our MOM Verification Fact Sheet to learn more about MOM Verification.