Counting Background Check Completion Time by Hours, Not Days.

I have always been hearing stories about how background checks are taking months to complete, delaying the entire on-boarding process. This was exactly the key drive for our founding team to start eeCheck in the Asia Pacific region with a mission to assist organizations to achieve “better hiring” – better hiring process and decisions.In our internal meetings, we have always been asking questions to challenge the status quo and wanted to make what’s impossible to become possible. One of the questions being raised is “can we complete background check in hours and not even days?”To make this possible, we have executed the following in our organization:

  • Corporate culture and values – we believe everything starts with the team itself. Without a team of professional consultants to have the same vision and mission, everything would only be a dream. We believe that by creating a corporate culture of “client first” and building a team of consultants aligning with our corporate values such as “nimble” and “agile” would make a real difference. Everyone in the team would know that speed is key.
  • Collaboration systems – Without good project management tools and collaboration systems, background check cases will be pending for days especially when internal communication error happens. At eeCheck, we utilize the best systems and revisit and make changes to our system.
  • Team structure – At eeCheck, we have created a team structure that is agile and accountable for their results.
  • Internal audit and tracking systems – what gets measured gets result! At eeCheck, we are full of achievers who like to know their current performance and these talent constantly develop ways to improve themselves and the workflows.
  • Client and candidate online communication systems – the overall turnaround time indeed not only depend on the background check vendor but also the client and candidate. Thus, we want to provide better process and tools to make it happen. As always, we want to take the lead on this but we are actually following the clients’ needs – customizing different workflow for different industries and companies.

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