Why Choosing A Firm Focusing on Employment Screening

At eeCheck, we are always proud to say to others that we are purely focused on employment screening. With such statement in mind, below are the things that come along which adds to our long-term competitive advantages:

  1. Processes are fully designed for employment screening: Unlike other commercial investigation firms which do KYC or other due diligence, all the internal processes for Employment Screening firms like eeCheck is solely designed for employment screening. The implication is that all of our investment and manpower are focused just to make such processes better, faster and more efficient.
  2. Legal and compliance: Unlike the private investigators, our processes and reports are being utilized for established organizations’ employment purposes. Unauthorized background checks would never be processed.
  3. HR Friendly Solution: As the focused is on employment screening, we spend our time to get to know what HR needs and help to solve their real issues. This is why employment screening firms often provide online systems that synchronize and make HR’s lives easier.

As always, employment screening could add values to your talent acquisition process if executed with good care and benchmarked with the industry standards. Connect with our Hong Kong, Singapore, China or Asia offices today to explore how we can assist you to achieve “better hiring – better hiring process and decisions”.