Focus on the Talent Acquisition Process

At the first day eeCheck was founded, we have a clear positioning and understanding that our solution is tailored for Talent Acquisition professionals. How can we make their lives easier and assist them to make better decisions? Our team has been asking these key questions to challenge ourselves every day.

Thus, all of our work are being developed and improved overtime with valuable feedback from talent acquisition professionals. In our perspective, we want to provide an integrated background screening solution that synergize perfectly with our clients’ talent acquisition processes and needs.

Focus on Each Unique Client

With our “Client First” service approach, we listen and customize our offering for each unique client.

Our professional consultants would always take the time to understand client needs, workflow and requirements. Then, we will work internally to provide the best service solutions.

Benchmark and Share the Best Practices

Having worked on thousands of background screening projects every month and customized our offerings for different clients, our team has evolved and become experts in background screening and talent acquisition. We not only share best practices internally but also add the best workflows and new initiatives to our service offerings overtime. We hope that we may allow our clients to benchmark and work with the best background screening solutions that could help them to achieve “better hiring” everyday.